Enhypen's 'Fate' tour draws 85,000 fans in the US

Enhypen's latest US concert tour ended Sunday, with a total of 85,000 fans having attended the shows.

As part of its world tour, "Fate," K-pop boy band Enhypen held seven gigs in six stateside cities between Oct. 6-22. Kicking off in Los Angeles, the septet took the series to Glendale, Houston, Dallas and Newark, before the last show in Chicago on Sunday.

At every show, the band delivered a fully-packed extravaganza of 25 songs, including hits like "Drunk-Dazed" and "Blessed-Curse," and fan-favorite album tracks "Polaroid Love" and "Shout Out."

At the Houston show on Oct. 13, the members were surprised by fans with a special birthday party for Hee-seung, and together made an unforgettable night for not just the birthday boy, but everyone who connected that night.

Before bidding farewell in Chicago on Sunday, the bandmates recollected on their monthlong journey in the US with Engene, the name of the group's official global fan base.

"Every moment we've spent with the US Engene was a bliss and worthwhile," they were quoted saying collectively on Sunday in an agency statement released Tuesday.

"We realized we've progressed since our last tour, 'Manifesto,' and were able to enjoy the experience more fully this time. Taking this good energy from the US, we'll return (home) to work hard for our next album," they added.